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City Denture Clinic & Xtiaan Dental

We put our customers at the centre of all we do

About City Denture Clinic


Christiaan Claassens, Dental Prosthetist (image above)


Christiaan has over 34 years experience within the dental profession and has been a practicing Dental Prosthetist since 1988.

Christiaan has worked in group dental practices, public sector hospitals and in private practice.


Christiaan has held many positions on various boards including Chief Examiner for the Dental Technician's Registration Board (DTRB NSW) and President of the Australian Dental Prosthetist's Association (ADPA NSW). Christiaan obtained his Certificate IV (Assessment & Workplace Training) in 2002 and is currently on the ADPA Limited, National Education Committee and in July 2018 was appointed as Council Member to the Dental Council of New South Wales and the Complaints and Notifications Committee.


Christiaan is passionate about providing exceptional customer/patient care, supporting and championing the importance of continued education and more importantly the sharing of experiences between colleagues as a means of further developing the dental profession.


Christiaan is the owner and principal practitioner of the City Denture Clinic & Xtiaan Dental located in the central business district in Sydney and has been in operation providing dental prosthetic and laboratory services to the community and dental practitioners within the central business district for the last 23 years.


Statement of Compliance

This is to certify that the manufacturing processes of the City Denture Clinic and Xtiaan Dental complies with the Essential Principles under 41C of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (Cth).

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