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City Denture Clinic & Xtiaan Dental

We put our customers at the centre of all we do

Xtiaan Dental Prosthetic Dental Laboratory Services


Xtiaan Dental provides a full service prosthetic laboratory, including the latest implant trends (both fixed and removable) to the dental profession.

With over 30 years experience, we pride ourselves in building relationships and in delivering you, your business and teams consistently high quality dental prosthetic laboratory services and an exceptional end-to-end customer service experience.


Xtiaan Dental uses only the very best in materials and operates with the latest technologies in processing.


A snap shot of some of the prosthetic laboratory services we offer:


  • Implant Retained Over-Dentures

  • Fixed Bar Hybrid Prosthesis

  • Flexible Tooth Coloured Clasped Partial Dentures

  • Same Day Repairs


Please contact Bill or one of the team on +61 2 9264 8496 or by email at for an Xtiaan Dental Prosthetic Laboratory pack, including a laboratory fee schedule guide.

Statement of Compliance

This is to certify that the manufacturing processes of Xtiaan Dental complies with the Essential Principles under 41C of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (Cth).

Each patient-matched medical device has been custom made in accordance with the treating dental practitioner's prescription.

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